Business activities that require a craft license in Slovenia

Business activities that require a craft license in Slovenia

When you start your business in Slovenia by opening a company, you would also need to determine your main activity and accompanying business activities. All business activities that you can register are a part of the standard classification of activities (SKD). Some of them require obtaining a license from the Chamber of Crafts in order to do the business in Europe legally. We will be explaining which ones are subjected to occupational licensing so that you know what you need additional permits to engage in them legally.

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What are the groups of business activities that you can register in Slovenia?

The standard classificationof business activitiesdivides them into three categories:

  • unregulated activities, which require no additional licensing in order to carry them out,
  • regulated business activities, for which you need to obtain additional licenses or permits,
  • activities for which you need to obtain a permit from the Chamber of Crafts in Slovenia.

The last category includes activities with the following specific characteristics:

  • it is an industrial or service business on the basis of individual orders and you do manufacturing in smaller series,
  • it uses machines or tools that are appropriate for this business and do not have the characteristics of a production line or automated work process,
  • personal involvement in manufacturing, providing services or running a business is dominant,
  • the work is done on a permanent basis.

What scope of businesses require obtaining a permit from the Chamber of Crafts?

The Regulation on Craft Activities determines which business activities fall under those that require a craft license.

The most commonly chosen business activities in this category include Manufacturing bread, fresh pastry goods and cakes, several business scopes connected to casting metal, repairing machines and equipment, construction (both construction of buildings, installment of equipment, heating and plumbing installation and roofing).

Additionally, repairing of motor vehicles, activities connected to optics and selling glasses, cleaning of houses and other buildings, hair salons, cosmetics salon and activities related to tattooing also require a craft license.

What does it mean if you have to obtain a permit from the Chamber of Crafts?

Before you can carry out any of these activities, you need to obtain a permit from the Chamber of Crafts. The permit serves as a proof that the holder fulfills the conditions regarding appropriate education for this business. When obtaining the permit, the company can be included in the Craft Register. Having specific education is not required when opening a company in Slovenia. But you need it if you plan on doing any of the mentioned business activity that require a craft license.

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