Registration of a new company in Slovenia

Registration of a new company in Slovenia

Registration of a new company is possible at our »One-Stop Shop« (VEM). At the »One-Stop Shop« you can register a new company – a private limited company (LTD) without wasting time and money.

Up until the actual registration of the LTD company the founder has to obtain a Slovenian tax number and the certificate of non-criminal record from Slovenia. It is also necessary to find a suitable business address for your company, buy or rent an office, or take advantage of our service of a »virtual office« in order to reduce the company’s costs.

Based on a power-of-attorney, we can obtain the Slovenian tax number and certificate of non-criminal record for the founders of the company. You can also use our business address »Dunajska cesta 136, 1000 Ljubljana«. In this case, we prepare a certified statement of the owner of the facility, which will also be essential for you at the registration of a new company in Slovenia. In addition, we will also provide accounting services and legal support for your company.

Based on the Slovenian tax number, it is possible to choose a company name and reserve it. The procedure of the registration of the company takes only one hour.

Registration of a new company in Slovenia in our »One-Stop Shop« (VEM)

It is obligatory, that all the founders and future directors be present at the actual registration. Our business consultant will prepare all the necessary documents for the registration of the company in Slovenia. The referent sends part of the documents through the electronic system to the court, where they have to reach a decision about the company registration. You take the other part of the documents with you in order to open a bank account for your company at a bank of your choosing. The minimal amount of the founding capital deposited by the founder of the new company has to be at least 7.500 EUR.

The registration of a new company, or the decision by the court about the founding of an LTD company, is done in maximally 7 working days. Then, the minimum founding capital of 7.500 EUR can be used for your business immediately after the court’s decision about the founding of your LTD.

If you have questions or doubts about opening a business in Slovenia, you can always turn to us – our legal advisors can help you by answering any questions related with the legislation in Slovenia.

With the help of the company DATA, the registration of a new company in Slovenia is done quickly, comfortably and efficiently.

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