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Pension amount in SloveniaEU how can you calculate it

Pension amount in Slovenia/EU: how can you calculate it?

Pension amount in Slovenia – now, you can calcualte it online! The pension amount in Slovenia is very important for everyone, especially for those who have a business in Slovenia. Do you know what amount you can get in Slovenia? Now you no longer have to call or go in person to the insurance office to find out. You can [...]

Pension in SloveniaEU who is entitled to it and when

Pension in Slovenia/EU: who is entitled to it and when?

Pension is a term that means several types of payments to retirees. A retirement pension, one of them, depends on a certain age and years of pensionable service. When does someone get the right to the pension and what will be the pension amount? Are you also interested to start a business in Europe ? Also, do you know what is best [...]

Pensions in Slovenia are you familiar with all six types

Pensions in Slovenia: are you familiar with all six types?

Pensioners, the National Assembly of Slovenia adopted an extraordinary alignment of pensions. This means that pensions will rise in December. This time, the pension payout will be remarkably 2 percent in relation to the amount of the pension. In today’s article, however, we turn to the basics. We will introduce you to pensions based on pension and disability insurance. [...]