Reservation of the company name in Slovenia, EU

Reservation of the company name in Slovenia, EU

Choosing the appropriate name of the company is one of the most important decisions you will make when starting your business in Europe. It has to draw attention and also summarize the company’s business activity. When choosing a company name for your business in Slovenia, you need to abide by certain rules of what kind of name you can register. In order to make sure that the name is available and that no one else uses if before your company registration, you can make a company name reservation.

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Data d.o.o. and its 40 experts have been offering support to entrepreneurs for over 28 years. In addition to company registration services, we also provide legal consulting and accounting services. At our VEM point, you can also do the company name reservation.

Choosing a company name

The company name has to include information on the business activity of the company, which means it cannot be misleading. You need to choose a name which clearly distinguishes your company from others. We advise to choose a name which is easy to pronounce and spell to avoid problems when preparing contracts or invoices. You can use letters of the Slovenian or English alphabet. The short name will include only your chosen fictitious name. The long name of the company will also include the main business activity. The name of the business activity has to be in Slovenian language. When you have chosen the suitable name, you can proceed to name reservation.

Reservation of the company name

To do name reservation for your company name, at least one of the shareholders of the LTD company would have to already have a Slovenian tax number. You can do the name reservation at any licensed VEM point in Slovenia.

When choosing a company name, you need to abide by certain rules. Otherwise the district court can refuse the name reservation and you need to choose a new name.

As you are deciding on the name, you have to avoid names or abbreviations of other countries or international institutions. Should you want to use them, you need approval from the Slovenian government. The same goes for name of cities of municipalities.

If you want to do reservation of the company name that includes a historic figure or other known persons, you need to obtain approval from them or their next of kin.

The company name also cannot include words or symbols that are in contradiction with the law or morality. It is also not allowed to use registered trademarks of other companies. Additionally, if the name or similar name is already taken by an existing company, your company name reservation will not go through.

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