A good website optimization helps you to overcome competitors

A good website optimization helps you to overcome competitors

The main aim of website optimization (Search Engine Optimization – SEO) is primarily an increase in visits to our website and rank higher in the results of search engines (Google, Yahoo, Ask, Yandex, etc.).

All operators of websites in the search engines want to be classified as high as possible, but unfortunately it is the first place to search only one by which all fighting. Some are very successful, others less. This means that the website optimization needs to be taken seriously and needs to be done well. This is the only way to keep your website in the search engines higher than the rest of your competition.

Here are some suggestions of website optimization that should be followed on the web:

  1. It is very important to explore and define the key words by which your web site can be found on the web. Once you determine the keywords, it is important to use them in the right places. This means that keywords are located in the titles, meta tags and “alt” attributes for images. Name pictures with keywords. Do not forget to internal links that also need to be properly marked.
  2. When you use keywords in your content on the website, you have to be careful that you do not go too far by including keywords in the content. If using too many keywords will do more harm than good. The density of keywords should be between 2-4% depending on the number of words in the content on the site. For many, it is best to put the keyword in the title, in the first sentence of the second paragraph and last sentence.
  3. Very important it is a good, exciting and useful content. What we must remember is that better than the content of the website, the more likely it is that it will be higher in the search engines and, consequently, the most widely read by visitors. We must not forget either the existing content that needs to be updated.
  4. The content for the web page you can write yourself, or you can get it from elsewhere. If you are not good at writing articles, then let the writing to those people who are more skilled about it, as this will badly damage the content of work itself. Avoid duplicate content.
  5. Try to prepare a site map (Sitemap.xml) used by the search engine. There are many free tools, that help you to create a map of the website.
  6. Very good step is the publication of articles on other websites or portals, which include the return link your article to your website. The higher a website is ranked, the more likely that it will increase traffic on our site and the ranking of our website.
  7. Use social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.). To obtain likes, followers and others. and contact them. Good content will be distributed by the people themselves.

Remember that website optimization is not a one-off and short-term process but it is a process that lasts throughout the operation site (content updates, new content, editing tags, identifying new keywords …).

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