Main company activity – which to choose?

main company activity

Main company activity is the business activity of a company. However, there can be more than one. How do you choose one? (Or more). You have to choose them when you decide to open company. You can choose them from the SKD 2008. What is this? Find a link below. Which activities are unregulated? Which ones do we call regulated, for instance? And what are craft activties? Let’s look at the details.

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Find activities in SKD 2008

When establishing a company, you have to choose the main company activity. You can do so by looking at this document: “Standard Classification of Activities 2008” (SKD 2008). The document includes all activities which you can choose from. Each one has a special code. When registering a company you have to select all activities that the business will be doing. But don’t worry! Activities can be added or deleted later. Why is finding the right activity important? Above all, it has to reflect your work. Not only that, it is also part of your company name.

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Main company activity – unregulated

SKD 2008 mentions unregulated, regulated and craft activities. What are the requirements for performing them? Firstly, unregulated activities have no conditions. What does that mean? Basically anyone can do them. Trade for example. Let’s look at activity codes. Those are codes from the 46th and 47th chapter. They regulate retail and wholesale trade. Interestingly, the code 69.200 is unregulated as well. Why is this interesting? Because it represents accounting services. This means anyone can perform this activity. Hence you should be careful when choosing an accountant. How to find a good one? We can help you indeed. Get accounting services from our professionals. For more details, call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp).

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Regulated activities

You can also choose a regulated activity. It can be your main company activity. What does that mean? What do you need? Unlike unregulated, not anyone can do those. First thing to remember is that those activities require licences. Let’s look at some examples. Real estate agnets, tourist agencies or travel organizers. Furthermore, you might need a concession or some other permit. But you only need them after registering the company. You can register a company without them. They are however needed to legally perform activities. In need of legal advice? Ask our experts!

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Craft activity as main company activity

What do you need for performing a craft activity? A craft permit, of course! What counts as a craft activity? Let’s look in SKD 2008. Some craft actifities are: cosmetic or haidressing services, vehicle repairs, assembling machines and equipment… Furthermore, we have different installations. Such as electricity, water or air conditioning. Other home repairs. The main requirement for getting a craft permit is education. You must have the right education and training. Meaning you need to go through hairstyling school to become a hairdresser. If you want to repair cars, you have to be a mechanic.

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