Health insurance in Slovenia for foreigners and their families

Health insurance in Slovenia for foreigners and their families

The health insurance regime ensures the medical and social security of the individual.  It covers costs of treatment and care. Coverage of costs from compulsory health insurance is provided by the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia (ZZZS). You can take out supplementary health insurance with commercial providers. It extends also to foreign entrepreneurs and workers, along with their families.

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Arranging health insurance for foreigners in Slovenia: what is the procedure?

The rights from the health insurance of an individual and their family members are tied to:

  • registration and payment of an appropriate contribution in compulsory health insurance (which covers only emergency and basic medical services) and
  • if the individual decides to pay a premium in voluntary health insurance (supplementary, travel insurance, …)

If you are a foreigner and have a temporary residence permit issued in Slovenia, it is possible to arrange health insurance:

  • through employment or work – in case the purpose of residence in Slovenia is employment or work, the regulation of health insurance (compulsory) is the same as for all other employees, namely on the day of starting work under the employment contract;
  • governed by a social security agreement or other international agreement;
  • or demonstrable by a European Health Insurance Card (this option is available to citizens of the European Union);
  • or you have taken out health insurance in the Republic of Slovenia or abroad, which must be valid in Slovenia, covers at least emergency medical services and is valid for the period from the application to the end of the intended stay in Slovenia.

Arranging health insurance is an obligation of the employer for all employees

With the beginning of the employment relationship, the individual (usually) registeres only for compulsory medical insurance. The employer must arrange for the health insurance of employees by registering for compulsory social insurance using the M-1 form.

The registration obligation starts on the day of starting work under the employment contract.  That is, in the case of the registration of sole proprietors and shareholders who are also directors, the application must be submitted within eight days from the day when the insurance obligation occurs.

You should keep in mind that other exceptions or deviations in the application deadlines exist (according to the Register of Insured Persons and Beneficiaries of Compulsory Pension and Disability Insurance Act (ZMEPIZ-1)). Legal experts at DATA d.o.o. would be happy to consult you for your specific case.

Arranging health insurance: the employee must be served with a certificate of registration!

The employer proves the employee’s health insurance to the individual by handing over a certificate or an M1 form. The employer has to provide the employee with a photocopy of the application as proof of the application within 15 days of starting work. This is determined by both the Employment Relationships Act (ZDR-1) and ZMEPIZ-1-NPB1.

Arrangement of health insurance for family members

If you are employed in Slovenia and thus participate in the compulsory health care system, your close family members can also fall under your insurance policy if they meet the requirements. The family member’s health insurance arrangement goes through the M-MS form. You have to submit it to the insurance institution remotely or in person at the ZZZS Regional Unit with all the necessary attachments.

Deadline for submitting the application, cancellation or the change of insurance for family members

The application deadline for arranging a family member’s health insurance is eight days from the occurrence of the conditions for insurance. Newborns must be registered as soon as possible or no later than 60 days after birth.

It is also necessary to report any change in the individual’s data in the insurance within eight days of the change. This also means that it is necessary to arrange cancellation of the insurance if the conditions for insurance as a family member have expired.

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