Frequently asked questions before company registration

Frequently asked questions

If you are planning to establish a company in Slovenia or expand your business to Slovenia, you have probably asked yourself many questions. In this article, we have gathered the 5 most frequently asked questions by foreigners, who are establishing a company in Slovenia.

Frequently asked questions before company registration – how to deposit founding capital?

When establishing a LTD company in Slovenia, you would have to deposit founding capital (at least 7.500€). Many foreigners have frequently asked questions if they have to deposit the money in cash or through bank transfer.

Both options are possible. You can either bring with you these money in cash and deposit it immediately after you have made the act of establishment. If you deposit it in cash, the bank immediately gives you the confirmation of deposited founding capital.

You can also transfer this money from your personal bank account via online bank. But with this option, it usually takes longer for the funds to arrive to the temporary bank account, especially if you make the transfer from a non-EU account.

Frequently asked questions before company registration – how long does it take to register the company?

One of the other most frequently asked questions is how long the process of company registration takes. In other works, how long do you have to be present in Slovenia to register the company?

Usually your physical presence in Slovenia would be required about 7-10 days. In this time, you would have to obtain your tax number, make act of company establishment and open the temporary bank account. After that, you have to deposit the founding capital 7.500 € to this bank account. After depositing the capital, it takes the court 3-5 business days to issue a decree of company registration. Once the company is registered, you would have to go back to the bank to change the account to permanent.

Frequently asked questions before company registration – does the company have to have employees in the company?

One of the frequently asked questions is also, if it is mandatory if the company has to have people employed in the company. It certainly depends on the business activity you plan on registering. For many business activities it is sufficient that your company has a named representative. This person will oversee the financials and sign agreements with partners. This is a representative function does not require actual employment in the company.

Frequently asked questions before company registration – does the company automatically obtain the VAT number?

When doing business with other EU countries, it is advisable for companies to obtain the VAT number and enter the VAT system. This does not happen automatically at company registration. To enter the system voluntarily, you would have to submit an application to the local tax office. To be eligible to obtain the VAT number, you would need to prove that you would have taxable income on the territory of Slovenia. You can prove that with signed agreements with other Slovenian companies, contracts of employment for employees in your company, pro-forma invoices and advance payments etc. After submitting the application, it takes around 30 days to receive the VAT number if the application was complete with all documents.

Frequently asked questions before company registration – do I receive a work and residence permit automatically only by owning a company in Slovenia?

Many non-EU foreigners wonder if establishing a company in Slovenia gives them the right to obtain a work and residence permit automatically. We want to stress, that you cannot obtain such a permit automatically. After company registration, your company would have to fulfill one of the following conditions of active business conduct:

Investment into fixed assets in amount of 50.000 EUR


There is one person employed in company for at least 6 months for full-time


Company shows turnover for every month for the last 6 months in amount of 10.000 EUR

Only when one of these conditions is fulfilled, the director can apply for the work and residence permit.

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