Holidays 2024 in Slovenia – important info for entrepreneurs

Holidays 2024 in Slovenia

Holidays 2024 in Slovenia – most holidays in Slovenia next year will be on working days. This mean that they will not “fall” on weekend! How will holidays 2024 in Slovenia fall? These are also important information if you want to register company in Slovenia! Do you need more information about starting business in Slovenia? Then contact us! Call us on Viber/WhatsApp +386 40 530 718. Or you can write us an email at

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Holidays 2024 in Slovenia – which are public holidays?

All publich holidays in Slovenia aren’t days off. But most of them are. Bellow we list those that fall on working day in 2024. These are:

  • 1st January: New year (Monday);
  • 2nd January: New year (Tuesday);
  • 8th February – Prešeren day – Slovenian culture holiday (Thursday);
  • 1st April – Easter Monday
  • 1st May – Labor Day (Wednesday)
  • 2nd May – Labor Day (Wednesday)
  • 25th June – Statehood Day (Tuesday)
  • 15th August – Assumption of the Blessed Virgin (Thursday)
  • 31st October – Reformation Day (Thursday)
  • 1st November – Day of Remembrance of the Dead (Friday)
  • 25th December – Christmas (Wendesday)
  • 26th December – Independence and Unity Day (Thursday)

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Only one holiday on weekend day!

As you can see most holidays 2024 in Slovenia will be on working days! But there is only one expection. In 2024 only holiday in Slovenia that will be on weekend is Day of Resistance to the Occupier. This one we celebrate on 27th April! In 2024 this holiday will be on Saturday.

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