Owner of the company in Slovenia – conditions and benefits

Conditions and benefits for business owners in Slovenia

Owner of the company – can a foreigner be the owner of the company in Slovenia? The answer is – yes! You can register company in Slovenia, to be more specific – a Private limited company. The conditions are the same for the EU citizens as for citizens from non-EU countries. The owner of a company must have an initial capital of minimum 7.500 EUR for the opening of a LTD.

Owner of the company

Advantage of LTD ownership is that the property of the owner, as well as the responsibility of the owner, is separate from the assets and liabilities of LTD. That means that LTD has its own assets and is responsible for its obligations. In other words, owner of the company doesn’t have to pay costs.

If you are not a resident of Slovenia and you want to establish a company, you must first obtain a slovenian tax number. Our company Data can obtain the tax numbers for all future owners and representative by the power of attorney in two working days. If the owner of the company is a foreign natural person from a non-EU country, you will also have to obtain a certificate of non-criminal record in the Republic of Slovenia. In addition, you also have to get a certified statement of the owner of the business address. If you don’t have a business address, we can offer our virtual office services. We can also offer you  accounting services. 

In case of opening a subsidiary, a foreign legal entity must obtain a slovenian tax number, but based on the extract from the register of the parent company, and then make a transaction of capital.

Does the owner of the company automatically get the right to work in Slovenia?

Unfortunately, owner of the company doesn’t get work and residence permit automatically. Work permit can be done for a foreign representative (director, procurator) or for an employee on a certain work position. The company director in Slovenia can obtain a work permit if he fulfills certain conditions, more about conditions read in this article.

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