What is the amount of the founding capital for opening a company in Slovenia?

What is the amount of the founding capital when opening a company in Slovenia?

What is the amount of the founding capital when opening a private company limited by shares (LTD)?

If you would like to open a private limited company (LTD), you would need a founding capital for opening the company in the minimal amount of 7.500 EUR.

After the registration the company, you can use this capital for conducting business – investment in fixed assets, paying expenses, wages etc. The founding capital can be in the form of material means, such as real estate or movable property.

If you are planning to invest more than 7.500 EUR in your company and with this provide your company with accelerated growth, you can do this in one of two ways.

When opening a company, you can decide on a higher founding capital or pay the additional amount after opening a company in Slovenia. With this, the company becomes bigger, stronger and more stable. The other option is that the owner of the company or another natural person loans the money to the newly founded company. It is done based on a loan agreement. The contract is made for a limited time and after this period, it can be extended or returned if the company made any profit.

Opening a company in Slovenia with our help

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