Electronic tolling system for trucks has been introduced

Electronic tolling

Truck drivers do not have to stop on Slovenian motorways anymore. In April, Slovenia introduced an electronic tolling system through the DarsGo system. More than 100.000 vehicles have already registered in the system. Due to holidays trucks will use the new system for the first time this week. Therefore, Dars is expecting the crowd primarily when entering the country, and the police were also asked to help with traffic management.

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Electronic tolling – what are the fines?

Electronic tolling applies to all vehicles with a maximum authorized mass of over 3,5 tonnes. These are trucks, buses, larger vans or motorhomes, trailers and other heavy vehicles. Any such vehicle, which will use Slovenian motorways, must be registered for the use of the new system and equipped with a special device that enables the toll calculation.

Electronic toll collection in the free traffic flow will be instaled in a total of 128 portals above motorways. The portal will detect DarsGo in the vehicle when passing, which will be the basis for charging tolls.

The device will record the registration number of the vehicle and the Euro emission class. If the vehicle is driven on the highway without DarsGo, this means that the driver is automatically a violator, they warn at Dars. The minimum fine that the driver can get for this is 800 euros.

Toll stations will be removed

As explained by Dars, due to the introduction of electronic tolling, toll stations will gradually be removed.

Until their removal, however, heavy vehicles on toll stations with lanes will still have to be allocated to a separate belt. They will not stop there, but they will have to pass at a reduced speed.

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