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Vignette for 2021 in SloveniaEU paying toll for highways

Vignette for 2021 in Slovenia/EU: paying toll for highways

Vignette is a toll-collection system which many EU countries use. Slovenia is also one of the countries that uses the vignette toll collection. For the year 2021 it is of a blue-green color. Since 1st February 2021, it is mandatory for all vehicles that use highways and motorways in Slovenia. The Company for Motorways in the Republic of Slovenia [...]

Electronic tolling

Electronic tolling system for trucks has been introduced

Truck drivers do not have to stop on Slovenian motorways anymore. In April, Slovenia introduced an electronic tolling system through the DarsGo system. More than 100.000 vehicles have already registered in the system. Due to holidays trucks will use the new system for the first time this week. Therefore, Dars is expecting the crowd primarily when entering the country, and [...]