How to open a tourist agency in Slovenia?

How to open a tourist agency in Slovenia?

If you were wondering how to open a tourist agency in Slovenia, you would have to start with the registration of a company in Slovenia, which is a very easy process that can be finalized in 7 days. You would only need a Slovenian tax number, certificate of non-criminal record in the Republic of Slovenia, a notarized statement of the owner of the property, where the company will have its business address and founding capital in the minimal amount of 7.500€.

We can obtain all of the listed documents based on the power-of-attorney and the whole process of registration can be performed free of charge based at our »One Stop Shop« at Data headquarters.

The court will issue a decision about the company registration in 7 days but in the meantime, you can prepare all of the necessary documentation for the application for a license of organizing and selling travel packages.

How to obtain approval to conduct business of a tourist agency in Slovenia?

The company is registered and now you can submit the application to obtain the license for organizing and selling travel packages, if you meet all conditions.

We suggest that you try to obtain all the necessary information about the conditions necessary to open tourist agency in Slovenia before the company registration. In addition to the essential consulting like tax and accounting consult, consulting on labor, economic and migration law, we can offer you detailed consultation about the conditions of performing the company’s activity and can prepare all the necessary documentation and be in contact with all of the institutions that would be involved.

Opening a tourist agency in Slovenia – what are the terms?

  1. You have to register the business activity, code 79.120 – activity of travel organizing. We suggest that you register it together with the code 79.110 – activity of travel agencies and with the code 79.900 – reservations and other activities connected to travelling.
  2. The manager of the travel agency has to have at least post-secondary education of any fields and 3 years of work experience in organizing and selling travel packages or high school education with 8 years of work experience, 3 of those in managing positions or high school education and 6 consecutive years of work experience in sales – self-employed or manager of a company.
  3. You have to have an appropriate space, if you plan on conducting business through online booking and have to set working hours of the company.
  4. You will need liability insurance in the minimum amount of 41.730 € and a letter of guarantee for insolvency for insurance payment costs in the event of returning persons in the premium of 41.730 €.

The filled-out application with all of the necessary evidence of the above-stated conditions has to be sent to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia.

Opening a tourist agency in Slovenia – how can we help?

We can offer you complete support in the process of company registration and tourist agency registration in Slovenia. We can offer consultations about the conditions for performing an activity, obtain all the necessary documents for company registrations, open the company at our »One Stop Shop«, we can offer you a business address of the company, accounting services, legal consultation from the field of labor, economic and migration law and offer help in the process of obtaining all the necessary permits.

You can contact us by writing an e-mail at or call us on the phone +386 1 6006 270, Viber/WhatsApp +386 40 530 718, Skype: data.business7. You can also follow us on Facebook.

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