Start a business in Slovenia – what do you need?

Start a business in Slovenia – what do you need?

How to start a business in Slovenia?

Each foreign citizen has the right to start a business in Slovenia regarding the fact that establisher of the company has to prove that his criminal record in Slovenia is clear/for that you need to obtain certificate of non criminal record in Slovenia and secondly, you will need to obtain Slovenian tax number. Both documents could be obtained without your personal presence in Slovenia. You can give power of attorney to the person in Slovenia who will obtain tax number and certificate of non criminal record for you.

The only documents that we will need from you is a copy of your passport (where your first and second name are clearly visible), your permanent address, date and place of your birth.

Prior to registration of company we can discuss together the name of your future company, as we have an insight into company register in Slovenia, we will be able to check if such name already exists.

Once you have documents written below, you are ready to come to Slovenia in our office where we register your company. Registration of the company at VEM point DATA is a free service in Slovenia. A business advisor will fulfill all the documents, which are necessary for the registration, and you will sign them. The procedure takes up to 1 hour.

Each company needs to have business bank account and business address. We can advise you suitable bank. After registration of company you do not have to worry where to find accountant or where is you office address going to be, as you can have everything at one place. Our company has a reputation of 28 years experience of business consulting.

Company is registered, what next?

Your business is ready to be launched and you potential future customers should know as much as possible, so that they can start buying your services or products. Therefore be ready to present your business though website, it the most convenient way to be visible.

Once your business run good enough find new employees, as you will not be able to do everything by yourself especially if your business will grow.

To be on track with you business, keep in constant contact with you accountant, as this is the person who can advise you how to optimize your business.

Do not forget to secure your business. As some fields of business require special permits and licenses. In that case look for legal consultant, who knows companies rights and obligations.

For all additional information about how to start a business in Slovenia, we are available: Via phone number +386 1 6006 270 or +386 40 530 718 (Viber, WhatsApp) or via e-mail: You are also welcome to come to our business address, which is located at Dunajska cesta 136, 1000 Ljubljana.

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