Law amendments in Slovenia/EU: employment of foreigners

Law amendments in SloveniaEU employment of foreigners

Do you plan to set up a business in Slovenia? Do you also plan to employ non-EU citizens? The Law on Foreigners oversees the employment of foreigners in Slovenia. This law has a new amendment since the end of March of the year 2021. It makes it easier to employ the foreigners who have completed their education in Slovenia or carried out research here.

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What changes does the law amendment bring?

The law amendments regulate the new types of the residence permits. It will also be possible to issue a temporary residence permit for the purpose of the employment and self-employment for a researcher who has completed research work in Slovenia and a student who has completed the studies here. Foreigners will also be able to apply for a temporary residence permit for the purpose of volunteering and training. To obtain permanent residence in Slovenia, the knowledge of Slovenian language at the basic level is introduced.

The most important news is that the employment of foreigners will be possible directly from the register of unemployed persons. Our legal advisors can offer full support in the procedures.

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The law amendment – family reunification

The law amendment also has changes for the process of family reunification. It will make it possible to reunite a child under the age of 18 immediately. It is on the basis of the employment of both parents. In the case of employment of only one parent, the time limit to reunify the family is extended from one to two years.

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How does the process work in practice?

The process depends if you are an EU citizen or a foreigner, with free access to the labor market, or a non-EU citizen. Before an employer can hire a foreigner, he must perform a labor market control. This was the same even before the law amendment.

In order to employ non-EU citizens, the employer must also meet one of the 3 conditions:

  • the employment of at least 1 person with an EU passport for 6 months,
  • a monthly revenue of at least EUR 10,000 in the last 6 months,
  • an investment of EUR 50,000 in the company’s fixed assets.

The employment of foreigners is not subject to this criterion in the case of the foreigners with at least higher education.

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