Assistance with company registration in Slovenia, EU

Assistance with company registration in Slovenia EU

Company registration might be a stressful process when starting a business in Europe. But in Slovenia, it is possible to register a company at specific offices which are called VEM points. Those offices have received governmental approval to perform company registrations as well as offer assistance to future entrepreneurs. So, for most cases of starting a business in Slovenia, you would not have to visit a notary, even if you are a foreigner.

Are you considering company registration in Slovenia?

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The company Data d.o.o. is also a licensed VEM point. Our consultants will offer assistance in the process of company registration. They will also guide you through the steps you need to take and information you need to provide. We also have our own legal department that supports foreigners in understanding the legislation and draft contracts for them. Additionally, we also provide accountancy services, tax consultation and services of virtual office.

What kind of assistance can a VEM point offer before company registration?

The consultants at VEM points are qualified individuals, who can both perform company registration and also offer consultation before the actual registration. If you are thinking about starting a business in Slovenia, you can turn to our VEM point to understand what you need to bring with you to the actual procedure. This type of consultation is free of charge, as is also the procedure of company registration itself.

We would provide assistance in guiding you through the steps of company registration. Foreigners can register a LTD company with 7500€ founding capital. To register it, you would need to provide a Slovenian tax number, a business address in Slovenia and valid passports. After signing the documents, you would need to deposit  7500€ founding capital in the bank account.

If you are not the owner of the business address, you would need a statement for the business address. The owner of the space has to sign it and attest it. If the owner comes to our VEM point, we can attest that document right here on-site, free of charge.

How does the consultant at the VEM point assist during the process of company registration?

If you will be registering the company at our VEM point, our consultants will offer assistance in preparing all the documents you need for company registration. Those would be the act of establishment and supporting documents.  Additionally, we also prepare a foreseen tax report for the tax office. If you will be employing someone in the company after you have registered it, you can also come to our VEM point where with the assistance of our consultant, you can enroll the employees into social security in order for them to start receiving salary.

Additionally, the consultants also offer assistance in understanding what business activities you need to register in order to be able to provide a full scope of your services. Should you require a change in the business activities later, you can also do it in our office free of charge.

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