Business idea – how to carry it out in Slovenia?

Business idea - how to carry it out in Slovenia?

If you have a business idea and you are already actively doing business abroad, we will be happy to help you with additional information.

Business idea – what kind of activity to choose?

It is very difficult to understand the activity classifier, if you do not speak Slovenian and are not familiar with our law. At our company “DATA” you will have the opportunity to consult with our experienced referents. They can help you choose the suitable activities for your business. They will provide you with information, which codes from the classifier are the right ones for your business idea. Our legal service can also help with instructions for obtaining licenses, if your business idea fall into the list of activities that are regulated with the legislation of Slovenia.

Which business idea is easy to carry out in Slovenia?

For example, the “world culinary” in Slovenia in getting a new dimensions. You can run a food business at fairs, own a restaurant, a pastry shop, etc. However, the restaurant business is subject to strict hygiene and safety rules – the international rules of “HACCP”.

A business idea in the field of tourism is also regulated by legislation. Slovenia is an interesting country for tourism. Mountains, lakes, caves, wild rivers, beautifully clean cities, castles and the sea are attractive for tourists.

For tourism in Slovenia – please read our article about touristic business activity and tourism in Slovenia.

What about the expenses?

Registering a company in Slovenia is free of charge. It turns out that the main expenses of the company will only be on: accounting, business address, maintaining a bank account of the company.

Regarding taxes – the profit tax in Slovenia is paid once a year.

How can we help?

We can help you with the registration of the company in Slovenia. Further, we offer you support in doing business. We also help with obtaining a residence and work permit in Slovenia.

If you believe that your business idea can be the basis for a successful business in Slovenia, we invite you to get more information about business migration to Slovenia.

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