Intrastat reporting: which companies in Slovenia/EU are obliged to report?

Intrastat reporting which companies in Slovenia EU are obliged to report

Intrastat reporting is an obligation of companies in Slovenia and the EU. It includes LTD companies and sole traders. When do you have to report to the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia (SURS) or the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (FURS)? What does this reporting cover?

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Intrastat reporting – trade between the Member States of the European Union EU

Since the year 1993, the companies in EU have to do intrastat reporting. The reporting includes exchange of goods between the EU member states. Intrastat data are a valuable source of information for countries. They are also one of the indicators of a country’s economic status. They are used to support national and EU economic policies.

Who do you have to submit the intrastat reports to?

You have to provide intrastat reports to FURS and SURS. You have to perform intrastat reporting at least once a year, but the reporting obligation for each company can differ. How many times you need to submit the report depends on the value of  the shipments and the receipts of goods for a company in the past year.  Web-shops are also a part of this reporting.

When do you have to provide the intrastat reports?

A company has to provide the intrastat reports when at the same time:

  • it trades with companies or individuals from other EU countries and
  • where the total value of dispatches and receipts of goods from other EU Member States in the previous year has exceeded the inclusion limit.

New inclusion threshold for intrastat reporting in 2021!

The inclusion threshold in the year 2021 is 140,000 EUR of receipt or 200,000 EUR of dispatch of goods.

A company can also reach a threshold when the receipts reach 4 million EUR and the shipments reach 9 million EUR in value per year. When you exceed the threshold, you must report data on the delivery terms, type of transport and the statistical value.

Novelties for intrastat reporting in 2021

On 1 January 2021, some novelties came into force, mainly due to Brexit.

  • Within the reporting, the GB code has ceased to be used. It means that the imports and exports of goods from the United Kingdom (without Northern Ireland) require the lodging of a customs declaration. They may no longer be included in the reports.
  • For Northern Ireland, however, one uses the new activity code “XI”.  You can include the trade with this country in the reports. The code “XU” applies to the goods originating in the United Kingdom without Ireland. The inclusion threshold for the reporting on shipments of goods is now also lower at 200,000 EUR.
  • In the reference year 2022, two new fields will appear in the intrastat reporting form. Those fields are for the country of origin and the partner ID.

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