Reunion of family of third-country nationals in Slovenia – how?

reunion of family

Reunion of family

Reunion of family is an often procedure for third-country nationals in Slovenia. Which third-country nationals can join the family? And how do they arrange it? In either case, do you need help with residence permits or work permits? We have special department for foreigners. We help them register companies and grow their businesses. If you want to know more, please call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp). Our experts will be happy to assist!

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When can you go for a reunion of family?

In essence, you need to live in Slovenia for a certain time in order to enter this procedure. That time is usually two years, on the basis of a temporary residence permit. Moreover, you can go for reunion of family if you have a valid permanent residence permit. Do you plan to open a business in Slovenia and start reunion of family procedure? Do you have any idea? Contact us and let us help you with all the business dilemmas! Our business advisors have rich experience and apply high standards in their work. To clarify, company registration with our help is the easiest and fastest way in Slovenia! Just contact us and start your process today!

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Exceptions, exceptions! When can you start the process earlier?

There are also some exceptions when foreigners can start the reunion of family procedure. Normally, you can apply for it without a legal limit on the length of stay and the validity of the residence permit. In that case, one of the exceptions is, for instance, if your residence is in the interest of the country. Therefore, a particular ministry of Slovenia needs to issue this official decision. Moreover, the administrative unit decides on the reunion of family application. Besides that, another example is when a foreigner holds a residence permit for a higher education lecturer or researcher. Or, in the case he/she has a Blue Card. So, these are some exceptions that apply to the reunion of family procedure. Does this help you? Do you want to know more? If the answer is yes, please contact our experts for individual advice! You can send us an email at

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Who are family members?

There are specific laws that regulate who actually belongs to the group of family members. So, according to the Aliens Act (ZTuj-2), family members (for whom reunion of family applies) are:

  • a spouse, a partner in a partnership, or a partner with whom the foreigner has a long-term relationship arrangement;
  • minor unmarried children of the foreigner;
  • minor unmarried children of the spouse, civil partner or partner with whom the alien lives in a long-term relationship;
  • the parents of a minor with whom the alien was living in a family partnership prior to his/her arrival in the Republic of Slovenia;
  • adult unmarried children and parents of the alien; the spouse; the partner in a partnership or the partner with whom the alien lives in a long-term living arrangement; whom the alien, the spouse, the partner in a partnership or the partner with whom the alien lives in a long-term living arrangement is obliged to support under the law of the State of which he/she is a national.

Sufficient resources for the reunion of family

In order to apply for reunion of family, you must also provide proof of sufficient resources. That includes you and for all the members of the family you intend to join. With this in mind, you need to show this for the previous six months and for the month in which you make the application.

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