Long-term residence permit – Ticket to EU Member States

Long-term residence permit

Did you know that third-country nationals who hold long-term residence permit in one of the EU Member State have the right to reside for a period of three months in other Member State?

Long-term residence permit and EU legislation

According to EU legislation, each resident having long-term residence permit in one EU member state has the right to move in another member state in order to pursue economic activity, for studies purposes or any other activity that meets criteria of conditions. At the same time family members also have the right to join the long-term resident in other Member State in case that they are constituted in first Member State. Contrary to third country nationals who apply for the first time for a residence permit, those already having residence in one of the EU Member States do not have to apply for visa, while another advantage is that you apply form the territory inside of EU.

To the status of long-term residents are entitled all those who:

  • Are not a nationals of a Member State of the EU
  • Have in the Member State of the EU a permanent or a long-term residence permit issued with a validity of at least five years, which is prescribed in the EU single format for residence permits for third-country nationals, where under the type of authorization it is indicated that you are a resident for a longer time.

If you are willing to gain a status of resident for a longer time in Slovenia, you need to prolong temporary residence permit for yourself and your family members, in case they also have temporary residence permit in Slovenia. However for issuing a temporary residence permit, be it for you or your family members, you have to apply for it in advance on diplomatic-consular mission of the Republic of Slovenia in the Member State of the EU, where you have the status of long-term resident or during your stay in Slovenia at administrative unit in the region you are going to live.

Foreign citizen needs also to fulfil other conditions for the issue of a permanent residence, in other words certain evidence needs to be proved, so that there is no refusal for the issue of residence permit. Therefore, to the request fort the permanent residence permit needs to be attached also:

  • A certified copy of a valid passport
  • proof of the sufficient means for living in Slovenia – which is monthly at least in the amount of the minimum income in the Republic of Slovenia
  • Appropriate health insurance, which cover at least emergency health services in Slovenia
  • Certificate from the criminal record from the state of origin

The application need to have appropriate photo and applicant have to give two fingerprints for their digital capture (this condition does not apply to a person younger than 6 years and those who cannot make a finger print out of health reasons

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