Start business in Slovenia – open company and get residency

Start a business in Slovenia

Start business in Slovenia – good oportunity for investors who want work and residence permit in Slovenia

To start business in Slovenia not only gives you great oportunity to develope your business in Europe. It also gives you possibility to obtain work and residence permit for you and your family. Slovenia law on work and employment of foreigners says that by investment in your business you can also obtain work and residence permit.

Start new life for you and family, start business in Slovenia – with only 50.000 euros investment

If you decide to start business in Slovenia and invest 50.000 euros you can also obtain work and residence permit.

First step is company registration. If you are non EU citizen you can open private limited company (LTD). Initial capital for opening limited liability company is 7.500 euros. Also this money you can use to spend for investment after company registration. You can also use it for expances like buying material and products for your company, renting business office, salary etc.

Before company registration you have to obtain slovenian tax number as foreigner. You also need to know where you will use business address since you have to provide verified statement of owner of business address. Don’t worry, we will be happy to offer you business address and accounting services. We will take care of your business in the beginning and later after you moved your business and family in Slovenia.

You have to make investment in first 6 months after company registration in order to apply for work and residence permit

If you don’t know in what to invest already in the beginning and how to start business in Slovenia, you can invest in real estate. You can register activity named – subletting your own real estate. This will count as investment in your business. You can also buy business office. Real estate can serve you in the future as home for you and your family.

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