Open a construction company in Slovenia: registration and conducting business

Open a construction company in Slovenia

Do you want to open a construction company in Slovenia? Would you like to know the terms of registration of a construction business, obtaining a license? Would you like to know where to find buyers or tenants for your buildings? In the last year the real estate market in Slovenia emerged from the crisis state and the demand for real estate grew. It has to be taken into account that Slovenia is appropriate not only for living and conducting business but Slovenia is also a tourist destination, where short term renting of apartments and houses is in demand.

Necessary conditions for conducting construction business in Slovenia

How does one open a construction company in Slovenia? The first step is the registration of a company – a private limited company (LTD), a subsidiary or a branch company. After the registration of the company it is necessary to obtain the license to conduct construction work and also to employ a person, who is a licensed construction manager. After obtaining all of the documentation and after the end of building it is also necessary to find clients.

Open a construction company in Slovenia – what can Data do for you?

The company Data can offer support and consultation before you open a construction company in Slovenia, at the moment of registration of the company and can also consult in the process of obtaining the license, offer services in the selection of a qualified construction manager and what is also important – our partners can help you in the search for clients, who would buy or rent the buildings. The partners can also consult with questions of customs in the event that you decide to buy the materials in other countries. Besides that we can take care of all the bureaucracy connected to legal and bookkeeping questions.

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