Highway toll in Slovenia – changes in 2021

Highway toll in Slovenia - changes in 2021

Doing business in Slovenia often involves also transportation. Either for business purposes with import or export business, or transporting passengers, and sometimes even transport for business trips. In Slovenia, the collection of highway tolls when travelling on highways is possible through the vignette system. It is the payment of a defined sum for using the highway system in Slovenia. Currently, the country is using the paper vignette system, which you stick to the windshield of your vehicle. But for next year, electronical vignette system will start operating.

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Highway toll system in Slovenia

Previously, toll collection based on mileage has been abolished. In 2008, vignettes for passenger cars were introduced instead. From 2018, trucks and buses with a maximum permissible weight of over 3.5 tons have their own electronic toll collection system DarsGo.

Electronic vignettes will be introduced for passenger cars

On 1 December 2021, a similar system will also be introduced for passenger cars and highway toll collection. The amendment to the Toll Collection Act stipulates that we will also introduce electronic vignettes for personal vehicles.

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This brings about a fairer system for highway toll collection

Electronic vignettes are supposed to bring a fairer system. Purchase will now also be possible via the application, online or at a gas station. You will still be able to buy an annual, semi-annual and weekly vignette for 3 different vehicle categories. You will no longer stick the vignette on the windshields, but the cameras will record the plates, and Dars (Slovenian Highway Company) will then check who is paying for the vignette and who is not.

This method of tolling also brings 2 more advantages:

  • e-vignettes will be valid for one year from the date of purchase
  • if the vehicle is withdrawn from traffic, a refund will be possible.

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Color and price of the last paper vignettes for highway toll collection

This year you will stick the last vignettes for highway toll collection on the windshields. Dars reports that the color of this year’s vignettes will be blue. Prices also remain unchanged from 1 December 2013.

Anual Vignette (€) Semi-annual (€) Weekly Vignette (€)
Motor bike 55,00 30,00 7,50
Personal vehicle 110,00 30,00 15,00
Van 220,00 60, 00 30,00

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