The main activity of the company – how to choose it?

the main activity

The main activity of a company in Slovenia

The main activity of a company is a common dilemma of an entrepreneur preparing to open a company. The entrepreneur decides which and how many activities to enroll in when registering a company. At the time of registration, an entrepreneur can enter several activities as well as various activities. One of which must be the main activity of the company. Do you need help in choosing the main activity of your company? Do you also want to expand your business to the European market ? The entire process of setting up your own company is not complex. However, you will need support, right? Our company also offers you a complete support in the entire process.

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How to start a business in Slovenia

How to determine what is the main activity of the company?

The question that arises next is how to choose the main activities of the company. What is it? Ajpes keeps a register of companies. If you want to start a business in Europe, Slovenia is also one of the options for company registration. Article 13 of the Decree on the Management and Maintenance of the Business Register of Slovenia sets out the criteria for determining the company’s main activity. Also the criteria for deciding which will be the main model of the company differs. The right activity is the one with which the company generates the most revenue. And most of the added value that employs the most people in the company. You have ideas , but you need help? Do you need business advice? In this regard, Data company offers you full support. What is more, Data has more than 30 experts from different fields.

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The label indicating the main activity of the company must be in the name of the company

When registering a company, the entrepreneur must make sure few things. What are those things? Notably, the label of the main model of the company  should be covered in the full name of the company. This rule is set out in Article 12 of the Companies Act (ZGD ‑ 1). Example: Construction services, France Novak s.p.

The main activity of the entrepreneur will be construction services – 43,390 .Other finishing construction works (may be any code of the Standard Classification of Activities from Chapter 41, 42, 43 or 71) Example: ZIDAK, construction, trade and services, d.o.o. The main model the company will be the one that will cover one of the areas listed on behalf of the company. Either in the field of construction, or in the field of trade or services.

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After starting a business, it is possible to add and remove activities

As we said in the introduction, in addition to the main activity at the time of registration, the entrepreneur can choose other activities. Activities that he will perform and for which he will issue an invoice to customers. Even after registering the company, the entrepreneur can delete or add new activities to his company. Do you have a question ? You want to learn more about business activities? Then, call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp) and find out what we have to offer for you! Our legal experts can guide you every step of the way.

How to register your company in Slovenia?

The main activities of the companies may change

Did you know that the main activities of the companies may change? How is that possible? An entrepreneur who wants to change the main activity of the company can do so through the Spot portal. This is means he can do this if he has a digital certificate or at any Spot point. Recently, we have been receiving a lot of questions from entrepreneurs who want to change the main activity of the company due to the redeeming of vouchers. In the process of changing the company’s activities, they must be careful to change the name of the company that indicates the company’s model at the same time. You need assistance? Then our legal professionals will be happy to advise you.

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