Consider opening a company in Slovenia, EU

Consider opening a company in Slovenia, Europe

Entering the European market is a popular idea amongst foreign entrepreneurs. But deciding on the location where you would start your business in Europe is one of the most important ones you would make. Consider opening a company in Slovenia, which is a central European country within the EU and Schengen zone and will enable you to expand your business throughout Europe.

Are you considering company registration in Slovenia?

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Consider opening a new company in Slovenia, EU

If you have been thinking about starting your business in Slovenia, you have several options of company registration. Slovenia offers a stable economic and business environment, which we have presented earlier. Additionally, it also offers good living conditions if you planned on relocating here as well.

A new entrepreneur, can establish an LTD company. This company type requires 7.500€ founding capital, a business address in Slovenia and Slovenian tax numbers for all shareholders and representatives. Within this company types you can register different business activities.

Do you already have an existing company abroad? Open a branch office or a subsidiary in Slovenia!

Starting a new company is not your only option when establishing your business in Slovenia. If you already have a functioning and developed business abroad, consider opening a subsidiary or a branch office in Slovenia. This way, your developed brand can flourish on a new market while still containing the history and experience you used when developing your business abroad.

A subsidiary would give you more freedom when it comes to business activities. It is still an LTD company, which requires 7.500€ founding capital. But in a subsidiary, the shareholder is the foreign company. Within a subsidiary, you can register different business activities and can also try new strategies, not just market your existing product or services.

Foreign entrepreneurs usually decide to open a branch office in cases where they only plan on offering their existing product or service and do not plan to do any additional new business activities. A branch office is not a separate legal entity but part of the parent company. It depends on the parent company financially and therefore does not need founding capital. But it is limited with its business activities, because it can only register those that the parent company also provides.

Consider opening a company in Slovenia with support of Data d.o.o.

If you plan on starting your business in Slovenia, consider the assistance which Data d.o.o. has to offer.

We can help you to obtain the necessary documents for company registration.

You can also sign the act of establishment for the company in our office as we are a licensed VEM point.

Additionally, our legal department can explain to you the differences between the company types so your decision on the right one will be easier.

We also provide services of accountancy and tax consultation.

If you company is in need of a business address, we can provide services of virtual office.

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