Consulting services as a business activity of a company in Slovenia

Consulting services for businesses in Slovenia

Consulting services as a business activity of a company in Slovenia

Consulting services as a business activity of a company in Slovenia are a very widespread business activity. Your company can offer consultations in various areas.  You can register the consulting business activity along with other business activities without a problem. A big advantage in providing many consulting services is that you are not required to obtain any licenses, permits. There are also no requirements regarding education or work experience.

Consulting services – register the right activities

You have to register at least one business activity but the maximum amount is not limited. This means that consulting services do not need to be the only business activity of your company.

Within the most frequently registered business activities in Slovenia, you can find online trade, private hotels, restaurant services and food delivery. You have to inform the business consultant at which activities you would like to register on the day of the company registration.

At our offices you can register your company in one hour! The registration procedure is free of charge! At Data you can also get full business support.

Consulting services – conditions for foreigners

The company DATA specializes in offering services to foreigners, who would like to become entrepreneurs in Slovenia.  We can also help you with the move of your close family members to Slovenia.

Furthermore, if you are non-EU citizen, you will need work and residence permit. Contact us for more detailes about procedure and documentation that you have to prepare! We will also help you in the procedure of family reunification.

Our company is happy to help you with the organization of your move to Slovenia. Thanks to 50 highly qualifies specialists from several fields of business conduct and to 28 years of experience, we can give you a full guarantee for our services. Our company is large and stable, offering all its services in one place. Our company has its own legal departments with legal advisors. They are specialists from the field of migration law and protection of the rights of foreign entrepreneurs.

Contact us!

Finally, if you want to know more about consulting services, contact us! Write us an e-mail to the address You can also give us a call on the telephone number, +386 1 6006 270, Viber/WhatsApp: +386 40 530 718.

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