Estimation of timeframe and costs for business immigration

Estimation of timeframe and costs for business immigration

Being an entrepreneur and starting your business in Europe means that you have to manage your time and expenses well. Only after making an estimation both those important elements, you can make a decision which country you would choose for your business. As Slovenia is becoming a popular business destination, it is good to assess the expected costs and timeframe if you plan on also relocating here after starting a business in Slovenia.

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Data d.o.o. has been supporting entrepreneurs with company registration in Slovenia and accompanying services for over 28 years. Recently, we were also awarded the Platinum Creditworthiness Certificate of Excellence AAA from Bisnode for our hard work. At Data, we also have our own legal department which assists foreigners in understanding Slovene business legislation. Additionally, we also provide accounting service and tax consultation.

Estimation of timeframe for company registration to Slovenia, EU

Business immigration to Slovenia starts with company registration in Slovenia. Non-EU citizens can open an LTD company with 7500€ share capital. Additionally, you also need to present a Slovenian tax number and business address in Slovenia in the time of registering the company. The estimation of obtaining the tax number is 8 days from submitting the application at the tax office.

The preparation of the company’s act of establishment is a procedure which you can carry out at our licensed VEM point. Our consultant will guide you through the process and you have to visit our office for the procedure. The estimation of how much time it takes to sign these documents is around 1 hour. Then you have to open a bank account of the company and deposit the 7500€ there. After you do that, the company is registered within 3-5 business days.

Estimation of timeframe for business immigration to Slovenia, EU

After company registration, your company would have to fulfill one of three following conditions in order to be eligible for business immigration. The estimation of the timeframe depends on which of the three conditions you fulfill.

The first option is investing 50.000€ into fixed assets. This is also the fastest option to become eligible for business immigration. As soon as the company is established, your company has to purchase something it needs for an amount of 50.000€ or more. After you made the purchase, you can submit your application for the temporary work and residence permit.

The second option and third option both take longer to be fulfilled – the estimation is at least 6 months from the day of company registration. The second options entails that you employ an EU citizen for a period of at least 6 months on a full workday. You need to pay that person monthly salary and after 6 months, you can apply for your work and residence permit.

Lastly, the third option is that your company shows at least 10.000€ monthly revenue for at least 6 consecutive months. After showing this amount of revenue, you can apply for your work and residence permit.

The company only has to fulfill one of these conditions before you can apply for your work and residence permit. After submitting the application, the estimation is that you receive your permit within 3 months.

Expenses related to company registration to Slovenia, EU

An important issue to consider is also estimating expenses related to business immigration. It depends on which of the three conditions of active business conduct you plan to fulfill. But in any case, you need to spend at least 7500€ for founding capital of the company. This money is later available to spend on business expenses like rent, taxes, salaries. Also remember if you register your company at a licensed VEM point, the company registration is free of charge.

After the company registration, you will also have expenses relating to accounting, where the fee depends on the scope of your business. You also have to make include expenses for office, whether it is actual office or virtual office. Both these fees depend on the chosen provider.

Expenses related to business immigration to Slovenia, EU

The estimation of business immigration depends also on which of the three conditions you will fulfill. If you choose the investment option, you need to spend at least 50.000€ for fixed assets. But if you plan to employ an EU citizen, you need to pay them at least minimal salary. You can calculate the estimation of this expense in our salary calculator.

Should you decide for the option of showing monthly revenue, you would need to see whether this turnover will result in your company having profit and paying corporate income tax. Corporate income tax is calculated after the end of the business year. The rate is 19% but you pay it only if your company has profit. This means that your company had more income than it had expenses. If you do not have profit, you do not pay corporate income tax.

After relocating to Slovenia you also have to take into account living expenses in Slovenia. To better understand the expenses of basic commodities, you can read through the assessment that prepared for 2018.

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