Author - Polona Gačnik

initial investment

Initial investment into a business in Slovenia

Initial investment depends on the type of company you want to open. In case you are opening a sole proprietorship, you won’t need one. Even the process of company registration at DATA point is free! However, if you are opening a limited liability company, an initial investment is required. Same goes for opening subsidiaries. But don’t forget, you should [...]

reunite your family

Reunite your family – start a business in Slovenia

Reunite your family by starting a business in Slovenia. The process of family reunification is quite quick. Once it begins it can be done in about two years. However, you have to open a company in Slovenia and obtain a work and residence permit first. How can you do that? What happens next? What are the alternatives? Data can [...]

the name of your company

The name of your company in Slovenia – what are the rules?

The name of your company in Slovenia is very important. There are some rules on what your name can be. It also depends on the type of company you are opening. Are you starting a business in Slovenia? Talk to our business consultants! For a consultation, call +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp) or send us a message to Start [...]

After company registration

After company registration – what to focus on?

After company registration is complete, your business journey begins. Do you know where to find an accountant? How to employ a foreigner? Do you want to send your workers abroad? Despite the company registration being done, Data can still help you! We promise help on every step of the way. Even after company registration. Firstly we will expain the [...]

Most popular company types

Most popular company types in Slovenia

Most popular company types in Slovenia are LLC and SP. Limited liability company and sole proprietorship. However, if you are a foreigner, looking to expand your business to Slovenia, you might find other types more suitable. In this article we will explain the differences between two most popular company types in Slovenia. Additionally we will present options for business [...]

LTD shareholders

LTD shareholders – who’s joining your business adventure?

LTD shareholders are people that own an LTD together. How many people can open a company? Can they be related? How much do they have to contribute? Do you even need additional shareholders or can you do it by yourself? If you are ready to start you business in Slovenia, you came to the right place. We will explain [...]

Move your business to Slovenia

Move your business to Slovenia with the help of Data

Move your business to Slovenia! Find out all the advantages of expanding to Slovenia. Is it the nature? Is it the people? What about the food? Great employees? Slovenia is also in the heart of the EU, which is a great strategic position. In fact, European Union offers additional advantages. Open a business in Slovenia with the help of [...]

minimum operating time

Minimum operating time of the business – is it defined?

Minimum operating time of the business is not defined. Entrepreneurs often ask our consultants about it. There is no law, defining a minimum operating time. In other words, you can close a business at any time. The process is easier in case of an s.p. If you have an LTD company, you have to visit a notary. By the [...]

LTD or sole proprietorship

LTD or sole proprietorship – which one to choose?

LTD or sole proprietorship is a usual dilemma. Almost every entrepreneur has to decide. What works best? What are the main differences? Let’s look at the two most common business forms in Slovenia. Do you also want to open business in Slovenia? Call us on +386 40 530 718 or write to! Register a company in Slovenia Which business form [...]

Payroll calculations

Payroll calculations – what are common mistakes?

Payroll calculations can be complicated. They can bring mistakes when paying salaries. This can cost the company quite a lot. Not only in terms of money, but also in terms of time. What are the most common mistakes when calculating wages in Slovenia? Let’s see. Keep reading to find out how to avoid them. We are here to help. Use [...]