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Allowance for annual leave in Slovenia

Allowance for annual leave – who has the right to obtain it?

Allowance for annual leave is the amount that employers pay to employees in accordance with the Employment Relationships Act (ZDR-1). It belongs to all workers who have the right to annual leave. The right to annual leave belongs to a worker for each full month of employment with the employer. The minimum annual leave in the calendar year shall not be [...]

Business ideas Slovenia

Business ideas and co-financing – realize it!

Business ideas should not remain a secret, especially if you want to get co-funding for it. All companies and individuals who have a business ideas can apply for European funds, even if they only think about setting up their company in Slovenia. However, the funds are not so easy to obtain, and entrepreneurs usually have problems finding the appropriate [...]

Startup companies in Slovenia

Opportunities for startup companies – tips from experts

Opportunities for startup companies Car and bicycle sharing has already brought us the development of new business models, but more can be expected in the future. It is one of the more visible and popular parts of the distribution economy, which also hides the opportunities for startup companies. Opportunities for startup companies – car sharing The sharing economy was the subject of [...]

Mandatory registration in the register of beneficial owners

Mandatory registration in the register of beneficial owners until 19. 1. 2018

The deadline for registration of beneficial owners is 19.1.2018 The deadline for registration of beneficial owners is 19.1.2018. If you haven’t done it yet, we recommend you to do it as soon as possible. You can register beneficial owners through the web application of AJPES with a qualified digital certificate. By the end of last week, only 13,8% of all taxpayers have done it, they reported [...]

Business idea - clothing shop in Slovenia, Europe

Clothing shop in Slovenia, EU – business idea

Clothing shop in Slovenia, EU – business idea Anyone can register an LTD company in Slovenia. If you want to start with clothing shop in EU, to register a company in Slovenia is good idea! You can register your company at our offices in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The registration of clothing shop is free of charge, as also the registration of any [...]

Living in Slovenia: work permit and residence in Slovenia

Living in Slovenia – business in Europe

Living in Slovenia – Slovenia boasts a stable democracy, clear legislation, a beautiful and healthy environment, and can offer you and your family a comfortable life. Living in Slovenia – from business to permanent residence in Slovenia The first contact with the new environment is extremely important; therefore, we will make your experience pleasant. Our company Data is helping foreign entrepreneurs [...]

Graphic design as a business activity in Slovenia, Europe

Graphic design as a business activity in Slovenia

Are you interested in graphic design as a business activity in Slovenia? Would you like to provide your services in European countries without unnecessary obstacles? Are you already looking for a business idea in Slovenia? Because of the key role of graphic designer in advertising, marketing, information flows and warnings, you have the opportunity to realize your creative potential. You [...]

Expanding business to Europe - open a company in Slovenia

Expand business to Europe – open a company in Slovenia

If you already have a company in your country, you can expand business to Europe at any time. There are different forms of business that you can start in Europe. Expand business to Europe – open an LTD company in Slovenia One way to expand business to Europe is by opening an LTD company. In Slovenia, country in the Middle Europe, [...]

Move to Slovenia, Europe based on your business

What do you need to move to Slovenia – business migration

Move to Slovenia based on your business To move to Slovenia, a foreigner, the company director, will need to obtain a single work and residence permit for foreign directors/representatives. To obtain it and move to Slovenia, your company must prove that it is operating actively: the company has one person employed in a period of six months for the last six months the [...]

Rules for company names in Slovenia

Choosing the name of the company during the registration of the company in Slovenia

The name of the company – rules Before the new amandments came into force in the legislation on corporations (ZGD-1), it was difficult for entrepreneurs to choose the name of the company that complies with all legal rules and would not be similar to other titles. Now on the basis of amandments, the name of the company may contain foreign characters [...]