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Company in EU and opportunities in Slovenia

Company in EU – opportunities in Slovenia

Company in EU – forms of company that you can register in Slovenia A company in EU – the question that we get a lot is: “If I am a foreigner, what are my opportunities to open a company in Slovenia?” Basically, there are 3 possible forms that you can register, and the conditions are the same for everyone. In the [...]

Conditions and benefits for business owners in Slovenia

Owner of the company in Slovenia – conditions and benefits

Owner of the company – can a foreigner be the owner of the company in Slovenia? The answer is – yes! You can register company in Slovenia, to be more specific – a Private limited company. The conditions are the same for the EU citizens as for citizens from non-EU countries. The owner of a company must have an [...]

Registering an LTD company in Slovenia

Ltd company – Forms of business that you can register in Slovenia

Private Limited company (LTD) and individual private entrepreneur (SP) are the most common forms of business in Slovenia. Firstly, see which company formations you can register in Slovenia. Forms of business in Slovenia Organizational forms of business in Slovenia are: Private Limited company (Ltd company) Individual private entrepreneur (s.p) Branch office (no capital required) Subsidiary Due to the fact that the Ltd company is the most common company [...]