The name of the company and changes in the law in Slovenia

The name of the company and changes in the law in Slovenia

On this occasion, the Slovenian legislation was amended on 08.08.2015 for the settlement of the use of foreign words and letters, as their use has not been allowed to use foreign words and letters in the name of the company, so entrepreneurs have had limited choices and challenges, choosing the name of the company.

Nowadays in the times of high technologies, internet and open borders, practically each businessman thinks about developing a business, which would not be limited only on the area of one country.

The name of the company and changes in the law

Recent changes in the law (ZDG – 1) on 08.08.2015 brought the long-awaited changes in the rules for the use of foreign languages in the title and, accordingly, further promotion of business in the neighboring countries. Now you do not need a special agreement of the government of the Republic of Slovenia, if a company has a domain and the domain ends with si.

Businessmen will be particularly pleased to learn that the new rules say that in the Slovenian language should be marked only the parts of titles that represent the activities and special features of the company. Additional components names may contain letters X, Y, W, Q.

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