Business help – we offer full business support in Slovenia, Europe

Business help - we offer full business support in Slovenia, Europe

Business help in Slovenia

Do you need business help? Our company Data can help you from the moment when you start considering about establishing a business in Slovenia. Many entrepreneurs choose Slovenia, because it`s a country of great business opportunities.

Business help – process of establishing your company

Before registering your company in Slovenia, you have to obtain the Slovenian VAT number and the certificate of non-criminal record from Slovenia. You do not have to come to Slovenia to obtain it, because we can do it on your behalf. We will prepare the power of attorney, which you will sign and send back to us via email.

The first time that you will have to come Slovenia is to register your company. You can do it at our offices in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. Our address is: Dunajska cesta 136, Ljubljana. We can also offer you our address to use it as the business address of your company. Another service that we offer is a virtual office.

The registration procedure is quick and free of charge! It will take you about an hour!

Business help – consultancy

Before or in between the procedure of registering your company, you may need certain consultancy. The experts in our company will help you and answer all your questions. With our referent you can have a talk about the activities of your future company. He will tell you everything about the conditions and requirements.

We also have legal advisors for all the legal questions that you may have. They can also make employment contract for you, as you maybe don`t know the local language.

Tax advisor will help you to clear out all the doubts about the taxes, contributions and salaries in Slovenia.

Business help – accounting service

Every company has to have a good accountant in order to function as it should. Under the same roof we also have four different accounting groups, and one of them can be yours! Your accountant will be with you every step of the way.

Business help – living in Slovenia

Business immigration is a big step for every person. Therefore is great to have someone who can guide you along the way. Our experts that work with foreign citizens can advise you on the life in Slovenia in general.

To live in Slovenia you will have to obtain the residence permit. We can also help you with that and guide the whole process. Do you also want to obtain the permits for you family members? No problem! We can advise you on that matter as well.

Do you have questions? Please, contact us!

If you have questions, you can freely contact us and we will be happy to help. E-mail:, phone +386 1 6006 270 or Viber, WhatsApp +386 40 530 718. You can also connect with us on Facebook. We give a 100% guarantee and support for business migration to Slovenia!

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