Visa requirements for Slovenia

Visa requirements for Slovenia

Visa requirements for Slovenia differ depending upon the fact if you are a citizen of another EU country or not. If you are a citizen of an EU country you do not need a visa to enter Slovenia.

Citizens of non-EU countries need a valid travel document and a visa to enter Slovenia.

Starting a business in Slovenia is a process which requires long-term planning and therefore you will have to acquire a work permit and a residence VISA permit. All of these are the foundation for foreigners to start a business in Slovenia. Here at DATA, as one of the most productive and efficient One Stop Shops, we offer our services to help you register a company in Slovenia and start your business in Slovenia in the best possible way!

Visa requirements for SloveniaA visa is a permit issued to foreigner by an embassy or a consulate of the Republic of Slovenia abroad. It is putted in the passport in the form of a sticker. Validity of travel document for which a visa is issued, must be at least three months longer than the validity of visa. On the basis of the visa, a foreigner can enter the country (if there are no reasons for its refusal) and stays for as long as it is determined by the visa.

The visa can also be issued only for transit through the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, if the person meets certain conditions for transit and holds a visa that allows him to enter the next country.

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