Types of company – which types you can open in Slovenia?

Types of company – which types you can open in Slovenia?

Which types of company to open? Which one is the best fit for your business?

Types of company that you can open at our DATA point are sole proprietor (s.p.), LTD (d.o.o.) and branch office. But before you open business in Slovenia is good to get some information! And we in DATA can get them for you! Everything you need to know about business in Slovenia! Do you have business idea? Let DATA help you transform idea in real business! You know what! We can provide you quality business, tax and legal services! Does this sounds great? Then call us at + 386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp)! You will get all information you need if you want to start business in Slovenia!

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How to open LTD company?

LTD company is legal entity. And it can be established by an natural person or legal entity. In this case it is one-person company. If a group of people or legal entities wants to establish LTD company then is called multi-person company. To establish LTD company you need capital. Minimum amount is 7500 euros. During company registration at our DATA point all partners and representatives must be present in person. And they also need valid identity document (passport or ID). At registration we will prepare all documentation which is needed for LTD company. And after that partners open temporary bank account. In this account they deposit founding capital. And what when they receive certificate about capital payment? They return it to DATA point. After one week company is registered. And this mean company can start their business.

Does that sounds complicated? Believe us, it isn’t! And you will be in great hands! We will make everything simple for you! So, no need to worry! Do you have any other questions about company registration in Slovenia? Then contact us! You can call at + 386 40 530 718! And you will get all information you need!

How to register your company in Slovenia?

And what about sole proprietor?

So, which other type of company can you register? Next type of company you can register is sole proprietor. This is self-employed person. It is natural person who performs an economic activity on the market. And this type of company does not require capital for establishment. Also in this case there is always one entrepreneur who is responsible for business. Sole proprietor can also pefrom more activities. And they can be different activities as well. Do you want know how you can become sole proprietor in Slovenia? Then don’t wait! For more information about types of company you can contact us at + 386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp)! And we will be more than happy to assist you!

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Types of company – you can open is also branch office!

Lastly, branch office is also one of types of company that you can open in Slovenia. And registration process is very simple. You don’t need bank account or founding capital. Howewer, branch office is not an independent company. And your business activity in Slovenia has to be same as the one of the mother company. And you know what? To register you will also need to provide some documents of the parent company. These are:

  • Deed of incorporation of the parent company;
  • extract from the register of enterprises not older than 3 months and
  • financial report for the previous financial year.

And you will need confirmed statement of business address in Slovenia as well. For more information about branch office in Slovenia, contact us! Call us at + 386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp)! And you can also write us at mail data@data.si.

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Why to chose DATA?

Without a doubt, Slovenia offers a lot of business opportunities! With this in mind, do you plan to register a company in Slovenia? Do you have business idea? But you also have fear of risk? Don’t worry! DATA can help you! We provide quality businesstax, and legal services! After all DATA has more than 30 years experiences! So, if you want to open business, you are on right place. Are you ready for success? Contact us and start your process today! We provide full support in the registration process! Last but not least, if you want to follow our work, visit our Facebook and LinkedIn profiles! There we post about the latest news on business in Slovenia and more. So, following us on social media you will get more information!

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