Setting up a Private Limited Company in Slovenia

Setting up a Private Limited Company in Slovenia

Slovenia is very attractive country for foreign entrepreneurs because it offers them to quickly set up a Private Limited Company (LTD).

Setting up a Private Limited Company in Slovenia

First of all in Slovenia all foreign founders/representatives need a Slovenian tax number. The registration procedure is fast and if you acquire all the documentation it can be done in 3 weeks’ time. The process of setting up a Private Limited Company and starting business however does take a little bit longer and it is approximately 6 months from the registration date. Private Limited Company is a good choice for every entrepreneur which desires to work in a stable environment. As you can see setting up Private Limited Company in Slovenia is a great opportunity for people, who see Slovenia as a great place to live and work.

Charactheristics od Private Limited Company (LTD)

The charactheristics of Private Limited Company (LTD) are:

  • The authorised capital is composed of an amount of contributions paid in by members (up to 50 members), but there can also be a single member.
  • The company is established with the partnership agreement, which must be in notarial form. The company opens a bank account and pays share capital.
  • The members are entitled to profits in proportion to their contributions in LTD.
  • The decisions are taken by all members of LTD, in proportion to their contributions.
  • A LTD is runned by a manager (or managers) at his responsibility.

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