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Life in Slovenia – the country of great opportunities

Slovenia is a country of great opportunities for foreign citizens. If you want to start a life in Slovenia, we can give you several tips. Slovenia is a beautiful country, where you can provide a great future for yourself and your family. Why people choose the life in Slovenia? To begin with, Slovenia is one of the safest countries in the world. Therefore, the life environment is favorable. The Life Read More

EU work and residence visa – procedure

Foreign citizens can obtain an EU work and residence visa in the Republic of Slovenia if they register a company in Slovenia. Our legal advisors can offer you support with the entire company registration procedure. In addition, the referents can help you with obtaining the EU work and residence visa. EU work and residence visa – how can you obtain the permit in Slovenia? One of the possibilities to receive Read More

Establish an LTD in Slovenia – useful advice

In this article, we will give you some useful advice on how to establish an LTD in Slovenia as a foreign citizen. First of all, you must obtain relevant documents to establish an LTD in Slovenia: Slovenian tax/VAT number the certificate of non-criminal record from Slovenian territory With these documents, you can already establish an LTD in Slovenia. If there are several founders of the company (legal entity or natural Read More

Accounting service in Slovenia and bookkeeping

Accounting service in Slovenia is the most important part of every company. All Slovenian companies must keep accounting records and once a year make a balance sheet. This is dictated by the Law on Slovenian companies and in accordance with the Slovenian Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards. Double-entry bookkeeping system Double-entry bookkeeping is the most transparent way of recording. Under the system of double-entry bookkeeping keep their books all corporations, institutions, associations Read More

Visa in Slovenia – how to receive it?

Who needs a visa in Slovenia? An EU citizen does not need a visa in Slovenia to enter the country. Therefore, if you are an EU citizen, you will need just a valid travel document. While non-EU citizens need to have a visa to enter the Republic of Slovenia (Slovenian visa). The procedure of receiving a Slovenian visa is similar to the procedure of receiving other EU visa (work visa Read More

Startup Company in Slovenia – register it with our help

Startup Company is a newly established company that is trying to succeed with an innovative idea or product. Most often it is a small company that has carefully designed a short-term strategy for success. Especially relevant for startup Company is to achieve high profits from the sale of their products and services that do not exist anywhere in other markets. Google and Facebook as a startup company For startup companies Read More

Family reunion in Slovenia – when and how?

Opportunities for family reunion in Slovenia When foreigners are considering to migrate to Slovenia, one of the first questions is how and when to reunite family members. That`s why, in this article, we present to you the conditions that must be met for family reunion in Slovenia. Family reunion in Slovenia: the first step is business immigration To obtain a work and residence permit in Slovenia, a foreigner has to: Read More

Migration to Slovenia – what do you have to know?

The company “DATA” offers full support with migration to Slovenia. Our legal advisors can advise you on migration law and on how to obtain work and residence permit in Slovenia. If you are considering opening a company in Slovenia, you can obtain a single work and residence permit for you, your family and for your future employees. The application for the first temporary residence and work permit must be submitted Read More

Opportunities for foreign entrepreneurs in Slovenia

Foreign entrepreneurs in Slovenia have many benefits and opportunities for doing business not only in Slovenia, but also in the other EU member states. The biggest advantage is that they can obtain a single work and residence permit, if they have registered a company in Slovenia. They also have the possibility of free border crossing with a permit card inside the EU. If you are not an EU citizen, you Read More

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