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Business ideas Slovenia

Business ideas and co-financing – realize it!

Business ideas should not remain a secret, especially if you want to get co-funding for it. All companies and individuals who have a business ideas can apply for European funds, even if they only think about setting up their company in Slovenia. However, the funds are not so easy to obtain, and entrepreneurs usually have problems finding the appropriate [...]

Realize business idea in Slovenia

Realize your business idea with our help!

If you have a business idea, now is the right time to realize it. The current economic situation in Slovenia is very favorable. In Data, we will help you with legal, accounting and marketing advice before, during and after the establishment of the company. We also offer full business support for foreign entrepreneurs. So do not hesitate and realize your business [...]

Starting a business in Slovenia, Europe

How to start a business in Slovenia?

How to start a business in Slovenia? How to start a business in Slovenia? Would you like to open a company in Slovenia and take advantage of the business immigration in order to obtain a residence permit in Slovenia? Have you been interested in expanding or opening a business in Europe for a long time? In this case, it is important [...]

Selling ice cream: business opportunity in Slovenia, EU

Selling ice cream – business opportunity in Slovenia – EU

Selling ice cream, especially in warmer months, could be very good business idea because of higher demand for commodity. You can offer ice cream in restaurants and bars, while also selling selling ice cream on the street is popular as well. What are the conditions for this? Can any entrepreneur, who register catering activity, locate the production and start selling ice cream? Production [...]

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