The nuances and subtleties of the company’s registration in Slovenia

The nuances and subtleties of the company’s registration in Slovenia

Understanding, theoretical knowledge and practical skills are very important aspects of the company’s registration for those who are registering legal entities. Each of our clients has his own requirements, and because of that the company’s registration is never the same process. We want to get to know each and every customer, his requirements and, if necessary, help with the determination of the company’s activities.

Activities of the company

Despite the fact that we have many years of experience, you do not need to determine the list of activities on your own. It is enough to describe to our experts what do you want to do, and we will find a complete list of activities for you.

The company name

Another important point about the company’s registration is the name of your company – you can order the title, and we can verify the name of the company before registering it. If the name of the company is the same or similar to the name of any other company in the register, the registration authority has the right to reject your application of the company’s registration.

Starting capital

Before the company’s registration with a legal professional and financial advisor, you should be advised about the amount of the starting capital – especially if you want to register activities that require increasing the size of the starting capital. The minimum deposit for the registration of the LTD is 7,500 Euros.

Functions of the founders of the company

During the process of the company’s registration in Slovenia, the founder of the company has to be determined, especially if more than one of the founders wants to get a single work and residence permit in Slovenia – our legal professionals can advise you in the field of the migration law and suggest you regarding your situation.

We know that the company’s registration if-self, the preparation of the documents for the company’s registration and obtaining a residence permit in Slovenia are very important procedures and we do not tolerate mistakes. Registration authorities proceed with the registration only if all the right documents are submitted, which is why the company’s registration should be realized by legal professionals.

Because of many years of experience that we have in the Slovenian market, customers who completed the company’s registration at our offices, also decided to use our legal and accounting services.

Company DATA wishes you a successful business, which is why we invite you to contact our company if you have any questions regarding the company’s registration in Slovenia, our legal professionals will be happy to help and provide you with enough information about the safe conduct businesses in Slovenia.

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