Minimum wage without supplements since January 2020

Minimum wage without supplements since January 2020

One of the important factors to consider when starting a business in Europe is also the cost for employees. The novelty in Slovenia when it comes to employment costs is the new amount of minimum wage. Since January 2020, the amount for minimum wage is 940,58€ gross per month. This amount will be valid from 1st January 2020 until 31st December 2020. Are there any other changes that are important for the amount of minimum wage in Slovenia? Our legal advisors will explain everything you need to know about the minimum salary from January 2020 onwards.

Data d.o.o. has been offering support to entrepreneurs who start their business in Slovenia for nearly 30 years. In addition to company registration, we also provide comprehensive accounting services. Along with our accountants, our legal department will make sure that you will abide by all the legislative conditions regarding minimum wage or other salary payouts when employing staff in your company.

Starting January 2020, the minimum wage calculations will no longer include supplements

When defining the minimum salary, the supplements are no longer included. They have to be calculated on top of the minimum wage. Since January 2020, supplements such as supplements for years of service, business performance and special working conditions are no longer part of the minimum wage. Laws and other legislative regulations as well as collective agreements determine these supplements. Until the end of 2019, these supplements could all be a part of the minimum salary calculation.

How can you calculate gross, NET and gross-gross salary?

At DATA d.o.o., our tax and legal advisors have prepared a special application, where you can calculate the salary in Slovenia. You can enter the gross salary amount into our salary calculator. In addition, you must also include the amount for obligatory meals and transportation, number of dependents (children), special needs children and other dependents. Our salary calculator will prepare the wage calculations where you as an employer will also see the actual expense a certain employee poses to a company. Our specialized legal advisors can also offer consultation as to which parts of the wage are mandatory payouts when employing staff in Slovenia.

What requirements can we expect for minimum wage after 31st December 2020?

After 1st January 2021, the government will introduce a special formula for calculating minimum wage. The lowest receipt for full-time employment has to surpass 20% the expected minimal living expenses. At the same time, the highest amount of minimum wage cannot surpass 140% of the minimal living expenses.

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