Invest and expand business in Slovenia/EU

Invest and expand business in Slovenia/EU

Do you want business partners in EU? Then invest and expand business in Slovenia! Slovenia is very popular destination for many entrepreneurs. Usually they want to expand their business to other EU countries. Are you wondering why is it like this? There are three simple reasons. First one is the location. Second is also relatively easy registration of the new company and conditions for employment. And after all third one is the favorable business tax regime. Do you want to start business in Slovenia? Then contact us! You can call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp) or write us an email at

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Invest and expand business in Slovenia – company registration

In Slovenia any natural person can open a limited liabilty company. And registration process of LTD company is quite simple. So, what do you need for openining company? For company registration is required a minimum founding capitaly of 7500 euros. And you also need to obtain a Slovenian tax number. As well you will need a business address for your company. For this we can offer you virtual office. A limited liability company can have one or more founders. And as well one or more directors. Based of information you provide to us, we then prepare the act of opening for you.

With this document you go to the bank. There you open a temporary bank account and deposit the opening capital. This in the amount of (at least) 7500 euros. After that you bring the certificate to us. And we will send it to the court. This is sent together with the act of opening. Are you wondering how long it takes for a decision? It usually takes up to 7 days for a decision on company registration. After you get a decision from the court, you will need to go to the bank again. So there you will convert the temporary account into a business account.

How to register your company in Slovenia?

We provide you help after company registration

And what happens after company registration? This is also one of most common questions we got. But you don’t need to worry! With DATA d.o.o. you are not alone! So what happens after you register company? It is good idea to leave bookkeeping to a professional accountant. And we have great news! In our company we can also offer you professional help with this. Foreign entrepreneurs do not know how properly keep their books according to Slovenian legislation and submit appropriate reports. That’s why in DATA d.o.o. we also offer proffesional accounting services.

We will make sure your business will be in accordance with Slovenian professional bookkeeping standards. And what if you issue invoices to companies from the EU? Then you will need to submit a request to obatian a VAT number for your company. And you know what! Also this is service we offer. We manage procedure for obtaining VAT number for your company. Accountants will as well have to subimit tax reports to the Financial Administration of Slovenia.

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Invest and expand business in Slovenia with help of DATA d.o.o.

Do you want to open a company in Slovenia? Invest and expand business in Slovenia! DATA d.o.o. can help you. After all we will give you full support and advice in the process of openening a company in Slovenia. We provide accounting services, business address, advice and support in the employment process. And this is not all! We offer you also tax and legal advice. Starting a company is easier with experts. Want to know more? Then don’t wait! You call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp) or write us on And you will get all information you need!

 Start your own business in Slovenia now!

Why to choose Data?

Data has 32 years of experience. With rich experience and a team of 40 experts, we have already helped many with registration of companies. So now it’s time to help you! Do not hesitate and contact us. To start a business in Slovenia, it will be simple, if you use our help. We will guide you through the whole process. Our experts will also be happy to help you. Do you know you can also follow os on Facebook?

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