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Cryptocurrency acquisition and trading

Cryptocurrency has become interesting in Slovenia last year. One acquires cryptocurrencies by mining and since they appeared, they have raised many questions. Most uncertainties are related to the classification of the business activities, which you need to register in your company. What is cryptocurrency? The first cryptocurrency was bitcoin. It appeared in 2009 in order to establish a decentralized electronic payment [...]

Cryptocurrencies in Slovenia

Buying cryptocurrencies: When the SMA supervise the service?

Buying cryptocurrencies: When the Securities Market Agency supervise the service? Firstly, if you want to sell cryptocurrencies also to foreign legal entities, you have to register a company. You will also have to register appropriate business activities (buying cryptocurrencies for a foreign account). There may be some confusion about this. Therefore, we recommend that you carry out the process at Data VEM Point, where [...]

Cryptocurrency mining business in Slovenia, EU

Cryptocurrency mining – activity registration

Cryptocurrency mining – business idea Do you need a business idea for your company in Slovenia? The activity of your new company can also be cryptocurrency mining. If you have already tried to earn money from them, you surely are thinking about cryptocurrency mining. If your company wants to deal with cryptocurrency mining, you have to register the right activities. You [...]