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Registration of the Private Limited Company (LTD) in Slovenia

Private Limited Company – LTD – registration procedure

For company registration (Private Limited Company – LTD / Družba z omejeno odgovornostjo – d.o.o.) you need:


To establish a Private Limited Company in Slovenia all foreign founders/representatives need a Slovenian tax number. We can help you to obtain a Slovenian tax number.

Registration of Private Limited Company (LTD) in SloveniaTo obtain Slovenian tax number we need some data from you:

  • a copy of your passport (where your first and second name are clearly visible), your permanent address, date and place of your birth
  • name of the company you will register in Slovenia and business address of the company

If the founder is foreign company also company will need a Slovenian tax number for company formation in Slovenia. In such a case we need from you:

a) original abstract (that is not older than 3 months) from the court or other official register for the company – stakeholder translated to Slovenian language by an official court translator

b) scan of the passport and permanent address of a person in charge of the company – stakeholder

c) Information about the business address and the name of the company that will be established in Slovenia


We will prepare a power of attorney for you and we’ll send this document via e-mail to you. You have to sign power of attorney and return it back to us via post on our address: DATA d.o.o., Dunajska cesta 136, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.


After we’ll get the post from you we’ll obtain the Slovenian tax numbers for you and make a reservation of name of the company.

Regarding selection of the name of the company:

The name of the company must be in Slovenian language and shall not have foreign letters that are not in Slovenian alphabet (q, y, x, w).

A translation of a registered name into a foreign language may only be used together with the registered name in Slovene.

The words in the name of the company can be in foreign language only if:

  • they correspond to the registered names or the names and surnames of members
  • which are an integral part of the registered name, or
  • they correspond to the trademarks or service marks,
  • they are invented words not containing foreign characters, or
  • they are from a dead language.

Then you can come to the registration procedure of a Private Limited Company to DATA.


For the registration of the Private Limited Company in Slovenia, as you know now, you will need a Slovenian tax number, copy of your valid passport and 7.500 EUR of founding capital. All founders/representatives have to be present for registration.


Registration of the Private Limited Company at VEM point DATA is a free service in Slovenia. A business advisor will fulfill all the documents, which are necessary for the registration, and you will sign them. The procedure takes up to 1 hour.


After that procedure you will go and open a temporary bank account at the bank and deposit EUR 7.500 of founding capital. We can also help you to find a suitable bank for you to open your business account. The bank will give you a certificate about deposit, and you will bring this document back to us.


We can arrange you a meeting with our accountant, if you wish, and offer you professional tax and accounting consulting for the purpose of doing business in Slovenia!


The company will be registered in a week.

Package offer

We can help you in the whole process for company registration in Slovenia from the beginning: procedure of obtaining Slovenian tax numbers, business address, registration of the company, accounting services, procedure of obtaining work permit, instructions for obtaining residence VISA permit, procedures for family reunification, application in insurance, employing workers, business consulting… everything that you need for doing business in Slovenia.

Company registration under the power of attorney

With this service we can arrange company registration in Slovenia under the power of attorney given to a third person or you can made us a proxy in the procedure of company registration.

In this case the company is set up by a proxy, so that your presence in Slovenia is not needed for the procedure. Everything for company formation in Slovenia is done remotely.

Do you have any question?

For all additional information and explanations concerning about registration of the Private Limited Company, accounting services and tax/accounting consulting we are available on telephone number +386 (0)1 6001 530, Viber/WhatsApp: +386 40 530 718 or e-mail address: data@data.si.. You can also come to our address Dunajska cesta 136, 1000 Ljubljana.

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