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Slovenian visa

Need help getting a Slovenian visa?

Slovenian visa, EU – Visa application for Slovenia

Slovenian visaCitizens of EU countries do not need a Slovenian visa to enter in Slovenia. They just need a valid travel document.

Citizens of non-EU countries need to have a valid travel document and a visa to enter the Republic of Slovenia (Slovenian visa). The procedure of receiving a Slovenian visa is similar to procedure of receiving other EU visa (work visa for Europe).

If you wish to stay in Slovenia for reasons of tourism, business, personal or other type of visit, you will need to acquire a Slovenian visa issued by a diplomatic and consular mission of the Republic of Slovenia in your country. It can be either a tourist visa or a working visa for Slovenia, which is also valid as EU working visa. Europe (members of EU) allows you to stay for 3 months with tourist visa, which has to be handed to you personally.

Foreigners are obliged to go to the consular mission of the Republic of Slovenia in their country (or to the nearest embassy that issues Slovenian visa) to perform the necessary interview and give fingerprints.

Another way to visit Slovenia is by getting a Schengen visa Slovenia.

Do you want to stay in Slovenia for a longer period of time?

Firstly, If you want to stay in Slovenia (or /and EU accordingly) for a longer period of time, which is more than 3 months, you will need to acquire a residence permit.

Secondly, if you want to work in Europe, you also need to get an EU working visa and work permit. Slovenia and its business opportunities are waiting for you!

For further information about working visa for Europe feel free to contact our office.

We can also help you get residence permit! Open a company and get a work permit in Slovenia. For more information please read here: how can you get residence permit?

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