If I open a company in Slovenia, do I have to be employed in it?

Open a company in Slovenia

If I open a company in Slovenia, do I have to be employed in it? This is a very common question from foreign entrepreneurs, especially those, who are already employed in their company and only plan to expand the business to Slovenia.

Do I have to be employed in it?

In this case the answer is: no, it is not necessary to be employed in your Slovenian company. If you are already employed for a full work day in your one company and do not plan to actively work in your new company, subsidiary or branch office in Slovenia, or even to travel to Slovenia longer than the allowed periods of your tourist or business visa, then there is no need for you to be employed in this company. The choice is yours.

The Law of work and employment for foreigners enables you to apply for a short-term work of a foreign representative for time of business conduct in Slovenia – it can be used up to three months in one calendar year. There is also another possibility, namely the conduct of cross-border services and work.

If you open a subsidiary or a branch office, you can carry out services and work in this manner up to a year. But bear in mind that these are only possibilities of registration of work in Slovenia and not registration to social, health and pension insurance in Slovenia. You still maintain your employment in your company abroad.

If you are not employed in your company or in your homeland, it is considered that you have to be employed in your Slovenian company but you have to meet the conditions in order to obtain a single work and residence permit in Slovenia.

Open a company in Slovenia – conditions

The conditions are as follows:

In one LTD, you can obtain one work and residence permit for a foreign representative in the company, but other foreigners have to be employed through Slovenian labor market control:

The foreign representative can obtain a work and residence permit if he meet one of the following conditions:

  • Invest 50.000 EUR to fixed assets of the company (it only applies if the company is younger than 6 months at the day of the submission of documents to the embassy)
  • If the company has a person employed for a full work day for at least 6 months before submitting the documents to the embassy
  • If in each of the past six months the company has had income to the company’s bank account in Slovenia of at least 10.000 EUR

There is another possibility that does not require investment or proof of active business conduct. If you are a highly qualified individual (if you have received a diploma from a university):

If a Slovenian employer wants to employ a foreigner with a finished university education, he does not have to prove active business conduct or carry out the investment in the amount of 50.000 EUR. The employer only has to receive the answer from the employment office in Slovenia that there are no suitable unemployed people registered at the unemployment office in Slovenia for this job vacancy.

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