Can I open a branch office of my transport company in Slovenia?

Can I open a branch office of my transport company in Slovenia?

»Can I open a branch office of my transport company in Slovenia?« is a frequent question of foreign entrepreneurs that have transport companies in countries that are not members of the EU.

More and more foreign entrepreneurs who conduct the transport business activity decide to expand their activity to Slovenia and other countries of the European Union.

If you are a legal entity from a country who is not a member of the EU and want to open a transport company in Slovenia in order to relinquish the need for CEMT permits, you also need to open a legal entity in Slovenia (in your case it is a private limited company – LTD). Only a legal entity can obtain a license for international transport, which means that a branch cannot obtain this license. This means, in order to expand your transport business to Slovenia, you need to register a subsidiary (LTD type) of your parent company in Slovenia or open a LTD in Slovenia as a physical person. In order to open a LTD company, you have to deposit the founding capital in the amount of 7.500 EUR, which you can later use as a company expense, salaries or investment.

What are the conditions to fulfill in order to obtain a license for transportation of goods?

A company, which wants to conduct a transport business activity, has to obtain a license.  This is a document with which the company proves that it has a legal right to perform transportations, which are listed in the document.

The license is issued from the side of the appropriate state institution, which is the Chamber of Commerce in Slovenia as well as the Crafts Chamber of Slovenia. According to the regulations of the European Community, the license for international transport is issued for a period of 10 years but the Law on Road Transport (ZPCP) determines that the license should be obtained for a period of 5 years.

You have to submit the following proof to obtain the license:

  • Certificate of professional training for the vehicle controller
  • Proof of financial capability of the company
  • Certificate of non-criminal record from Slovenia

The appropriate institution decides upon issuing the license in up to 15 days after receiving the complete documentation. The original of the license should be kept at the business seat of the company, but each vehicle has to have a copy as well. License are not transferable.

How can we help you in the process of opening a company?

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