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Price for Accounting Services in Slovenia

Quality and reliable accounting

Accounting Services in SloveniaMinimum price for accounting services per month is 100 EUR* + 22 % VAT and covers:

  • booking of documents in basic business books – up to 90 entries (approx. 30 business events such as: received bills, issued invoices, transactions on account, travel orders, contracts, compensations,).
  • calculation of VAT (monthly including the preparation and submission of tax forms via e-tax) or one salary calculation (monthly including the preparation and submission of tax forms via e-tax)
  • analytical recording of expenses and revenues
  • keeping register of fixed assets and clearance of amortization of fixed assets
  • monitoring of claims and liabilities
  • the support and assistance for business up to 60 minutes (by phone, in-person or via e-mail, monthly review of open items of partners – customers and suppliers)
  • twice per year readout/business overview/results from business books
  • free preparation of execution – once a year
  • free preparation of notices – once a year

* The final price for accounting services is formed according to all services that we provide to the company

For all additional information and explanations concerning accounting services and tax / accounting consulting we are available on telephone number +386 1 6001 530, Viber / WhatsApp: +386 40 530 718  or e-mail address: data@data.si. You can also come to our address Dunajska cesta 136, 1000 Ljubljana.