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Taxes in Slovenia

Slovenian corporate tax rate is one of the lowest in Europe

Tax rates in Slovenia

Before starting a business in Slovenia you must consider what kind of tax rates are in Slovenia and which taxes in Slovenia you will have to pay. They are Value Added Tax (VAT), Personal and Corporate Income Tax. For opening a company in Slovenia you will need Slovenian tax id number for all participants in the company. You can receive information about how to get tax id number from our tax specialists.

Taxes in Slovenia

Value Added Tax (VAT)

Taxes in SloveniaA legal entity or individual (self-employed person) that wishes to do business in Slovenia has to register its activity in Slovenia. Individuals and legal entities from other EU Member States can do business directly. However they have to identify themselves with applying for tax id number in Slovenia and entering the Tax Register.

Legal entities or individuals (self-employed person), which don’t have business address in Slovenia, intending to start a business in Slovenia, will have to pay Value Added Tax (VAT).

The standard VAT rate in Slovenia is 22 % and 9,5 % reduced rate, which applies to goods and services specially defined by the VAT Act.

Personal Income Tax

A foreign individual, non-resident of Slovenia, doing business in Slovenia has to pay Personal Income Tax if they are present in Slovenia for a period (or periods) exceeding 183 days in 12 months period and if their activities are being carried out through a business unit of a non-resident.

Personal income tax rates in Slovenia are progressive: 16 %, 27 %, 34 %, 39 % and 50 %.

Corporate Income Tax

A foreign company doing business in Slovenia has to pay Corporate Income Tax, if their activities are being carried out through business unit of a non-resident.

Corporate tax rate in Slovenia is 19 %. When a company is registered, it receives a business tax number.

There is also a special tax rate in Slovenia which is 0 % for investment funds, pension funds and venture capital companies, if they fulfil certain conditions.

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