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Family reunification in Slovenia

Your family members can also live in Slovenia

Family reunification in Slovenia – Let your family join you

The closest family members can start a procedure for obtaining residence permit on the basis of family reunification. A foreigner can apply for a family reunification after the first prolongation of the residence permit – right after he receives a prolongation of a residence permit.

Family reunificationIn order for them to receive a residence permit, shareholder/representative has to prove that can support closest family members.

We can advise you in procedures to relocate your family to Slovenia and arrange application of family members in the insurance.

Education for children in Slovenia

Children who are foreign nationals and reside in Slovenia are entitled to compulsory primary school education from the age of six under the same conditions as citizens of the Republic of Slovenia.

It is advised that you start a procedure of applying your children in school in Slovenia before obtaining residence permit for them. You, as a parent and person with residence permit in Slovenia, can start a procedure of obtaining residence permit for children in Slovenia.

In Slovenia there are several international kindergartens and schools. We can advise you how to arrange education for your children in Slovenia.

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